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"Building trust within the teams"

Anthony Cassano, ASML

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Anthony Cassano

As a Manager I am responsible for a team of 55 people in an isolated ASML field office. We are supporting Samsung, a demanding customer in an isolated field office. 

I can say thru experience that the people working here, myself included, face times when we question our capabilities. We also question whether or not we are doing the right thing for our customer Samsung and our company ASML. 

The stress builds up thru time and manifests itself in intra team conflicts. They take time to deal with and lower efficiency to support Samsung.

  • The FACET5 workshop, conducted by Merlin, enabled us to see each other for what we are as a team and helped to build trust within the team
  • The Facet5 profile scan results (although not always pleasant) in most cases were a match for the person that helped to build trust in the profile report.


It took the skillful interactions with Merlin, both in the individual setting and together in teams, to help push thru the concepts of teams thru knowing one another (in the good and the bad).

Ultimately, any good leader knows: A team that is aware of each person’s behavior characteristics, is truly a better team when put under stress and demanding situations.

I think that sessions like the 2 weeks session conducted by Merlin could help any high stress ASML support office as we face our rapidly changing work environment.

Anthony Cassano, Manager Customer Support ASML Austin (Texas)